Welcome to my little place under the Sun! { in Plano, TX at the moment }

My name is Emmie Albano McGrew, insomniac owner and photographer of Through Emmie’z Lenz, LLC.

Here’s a bit about me:

* My “love affair” with photography began when I was a young college kid in the Philippines. Those were the good old film days when I knew that I had to be very thoughtful of every shutter press. Those images still put a smile on my face though {click on vintage Emmie under galleria if you do so feel inclined to check.}

* I was a teacher before venturing into the business side of this old passion. I can say that I was a passionate teacher as I am now as a photographer. I put my heart into my photographs amidst all my different roles as a mom to 4 beautiful children, as a wife, as a friend, and everything else that I do.

* I have a very supportive husband who has been my rock in every decision I made in this business. Plus he insists on growing grapevines in our backyard so I can shoot my clients and friends back there.

* My children inspire me and will always be my most favorite muses, models, and “apples” of my lenses.

I would love to travel more. I secretly love to cook. I find solitude when I mow the lawn. I listen to Club music, Coldplay, Mraz, Dave Matthews, Florence, and the likes when I edit. I long for the warmth of the West and the Ocean.

I love to do themed sessions. I also love going to my clients’ houses to freeze those moments in their own spaces and have some coffee and doughnuts at the same time {insert wink.}

My style is a mixture of laid back, photo journalistic, fun, and very active if needed {to keep up with busy-bodied toddlers.}

So look around my galleries and Facebook feeds. If you think our styles can mesh together, then I would love to work with you.

Till then, I hope to hear about your story too!